Diok RealEstate AG at a glance

DIOK RealEstate AG is an enterprise, specialized in domestic commercial property. Focus of the company is development of an attractive office property portfolio in attractive grade 2 to grade 1 secondary locations all over Germany. As an active asset holder and our manage-to-core strategy, DIOK RealEstate AG is able to realise a consistent increase in value along with a positive cash flow from day one. Through well-established acquisition pipeline, DIOK RealEstate AG will expand their real-estate portfolio up to more than 1 Billion Euro on a medium term basis in order to sell it as a Block-Trade.

Acquisition of Office Property in German secondary locations may be exhausting but lucrative. The average size of our acquisitions is between 10 Mio. to 15 Mio. Euro. Aiming to establish a portfolio of profitable objects with a total value of 1 Billion Euro, we will realise up to 100 single transactions in the next 3 to 5 years. A portfolio of high-yield office property can be excellently sold to financially sound investors. These efforts are compensated by a favorable risk/return profile compared to top locations. As already noted in other asset categories in the past, there are going to be shortages on the secondary location transactions, resulting in higher selling prices. We are potentially using the last niche on the German real estate market to build up a huge and profitable portfolio of objects with 3 possible uses. Our investments are significantly solid and do not show any major volatility in rental income and vacancy. We categorically exclude investments in project development and purchase of structural vacancy. We avoid risks and realise return. Through consequent and lean company structure, the decision processes remain short and the enterprise remains with quick reactions. Any object needs to generate positive cash-flow from day one and therefore contributes to the company success.

Our Strategy

Focus on office property
Volume of between 5 Mio to 25 Mio. Euro per transaction in grade 2 to grade 1 micro locations in secondary cities all over Germany
Establishment of an asset portfolio of more than 1 Billion Euro
Buy and hold / manage-to-core strategy
Lean Management Approach / Positive Cash-Flow from day 1
Outsourcing of all services required
Sustainable capital structure
Long-term senior loans with max 65% loan-to-value ratio (LTV) and scheduled principal repayment
Predefined exit strategy
Positioning as a potential takeover target, Block Trade in 3 to 5 years

Our headquarters

Executive Board & Supervisory Board